Autumn Themed Open House Ideas for Frankfort Properties

Autumn Themed Open House

Yes, we all know that spring is typically the best season for real estate in general and house sales in particular. Still, other seasons present great selling opportunities, especially in autumn when people are out and about again after the summer heat. You have to make the most of every seasonal opportunity, and that’s why getting the open house right is critical. So with the weather cooling down, house hunters on the prowl again, and holidays just around the corner, here are some autumn themed open house ideas for Frankfort properties.

Market Creatively for an Autumn Themed Open House

In order to have a successful autumn themed open house for Frankfort properties, you’ll need plenty of people to attend. So the first step is to get the potential buyers there. Typically, that means early, broad, and creative marketing – and then, of course, a well planned open house.

In addition to the traditional online listing sites, you can also use Facebook and your own blog if you have one. Then you can go creatively outside the box. If there’s a local autumn event, you could hand out flyers or put up signs announcing your open house. Another good tactic is a sneak-preview block party because you may be able to snag interested friends or relatives of your neighbors who show up at the party.

Strive for Comfortable and Inviting

Also, keep in mind that your autumn themed open house in Frankfort is primarily for those who attend. Maybe you keep your thermostat set at 65 degrees, but will the people who come to your open house be comfortable? Make sure you keep your home both comfortable and inviting to create a receptive mood in your visitors and to keep them viewing longer.

For example, since it’s autumn, you could have a cheery fire going the fireplace. And don’t forget the refreshments  Cookies and hot cider or hot chocolate always put people in a good mood. And be sure to let as much light in as possible

Ideas for Your Autumn Themed Open House in Frankfort

Now for the actual autumn themed open house ideas, consider these:

  • Homecoming weekend open house – This works especially well if you have a local college nearby, with, maybe, a big football game bringing people in. You could even have a kiosk at the event advertising your open house. Attendees will be in a festive mood, so take advantage of that.
  • Back-to-school open house – Early in the fall, school is just getting underway again, and new residents enrolling their children in local schools may be in the market for a new home in the area. You can draw them in and keep them engaged with a back-to-school themed open house.
  • Thanksgiving/autumn harvest open house – Thanksgiving, of course, is the big autumn holiday involving lots of food. A good way to have a successful open house, then, is to build it around Thanksgiving and maybe offer a drawing for, say, gift cards to your local supermarket or a door prize of several hundred dollars’ worth of groceries, especially Thanksgiving fixings.
  • Arts/crafts open house – Autumn is also the time when arts and crafts festivals sprout up everywhere. You can take advantage of this by ‘advertising your open house at these venues and then designing with an arts/crafts theme.

You absolutely can sell your house when other people tell you the seasonal odds are against it. So don’t listen to them when they tell you potential buyers are too busy to attend your autumn themed open house in Frankfort. All you have to do is plan ahead and keep these tips in mind, being sure to market creatively and keep it comfortable.

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